Why Finding Your Passion is Important Even Before Starting to Earn Money.

Sudhir Bhatt
7 min readSep 9, 2021
Find Your Passion FulFill Your Dream

Stephen Covey had famously quoted, “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Money chasers always frequently chase the wrong dream to reach places. What may be good for others may not be good and apt for you. The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are with our remembrances and moments of passion in action. Those are moments when you enjoyed doing what you love the most.

It is important to find your passion because it will be the key to your success and contentment in life. It is often convenient to lose yourself in a thing which makes you money but does not give you satisfaction. This is the case with most of the youngsters today. The startup mania also disorients you, hence you need some reference point to locate your passion.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Your Passion

Your reference point to find your passion is to ask yourself the right questions and find that emotion which can make your passion alive. It is very important to know what your passion is. This will help you to know what you want from your future and how you should do it. There can be hundreds of different questions that could help you to locate your passion if you are confused. There are many ways to find your passion, one of them is answering powerful questions:

What are the things that make me happy?

What am I good at?

What do I want to achieve in life? How can I make a difference in this world?

What will keep me going despite the tiredness and long hours of work?

What was my childhood dream?

Passion can help you find your purpose and what you’re meant to do in life. It can also inspire you to work hard and see obstacles as opportunities for growth. For getting the right questions read these chapters of my book — Find Your Passion to Build a Successful Career or buy it here.

My Latest Book

Find Your Passion! Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Some people may think that they are destined to follow the path where they feel comfortable at. But in reality, passion conquers all.

Passion is what drives us to succeed in life. It makes us want to wake up early and go to sleep late, without complaining about it. Passion is what makes us excited about our day or eagerly anticipate the next day’s work; it fuels our creativity and pushes us through moments when we feel like giving up.

If you find your passion, you will not want anything else in life but your passion!

Passion is connected deeply with your emotions, if you can locate the emotion which drives your passion and focus on it, it will make you grow unlimited. To find the right emotion refer the emotion circle and answer a few important questions to reach there. Here is the link to the Circle of emotions. & The PDF here .

emotion Wheel Pic from Creative Commons

Many a times the financial crisis overwhelms our decision to grow, and we bend to the need of the times. In other cases, you make decisions by getting attracted to some shining object offered to you. Many weak souls run after something advised by their astrologers and oracles. But the thing is, you are the only person who knows what drives you to go on working despite great difficulties.

The best way to assure that you are always on a firm ground and moving in the right direction is to keep your thinking and feeling clear and under your control, you need to focus on improving your entire emotional setup, thought control and your health. One way to assure is to do certain breathing techniques that could make you healthy, focused, and wise.

I discuss in my book the breathing techniques like Sudarshan Kriya. The course for this is available online. To focus on your commitments and select the right goals is one of the important aspects. It is vital to breathe right, deep and scientific way. The research results are here for the course taken by 20 million people in more than 150 countries. To read about the benefits I enjoy from this SKY techniques buy my book from Amazon by clicking here. For research results on SKY click here. To join course on SKY click here.

Despite monetary difficulties and problems, I wrote incessantly so that I can publish someday my work. Here is the book I promised myself would change my life and the lives of many people.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt.

In today’s society, people are constantly bombarded by ads and commercials that tell them what they need to buy and how they can enjoy their lives. We see new products everywhere — from the TV screens to the internet. We are offered a lot of choices, but we seldom know what we need and what our true value is. Working with our values is more important than taking money as a core value because working with values forces us to question if we must buy that product or not.


Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― M. Gandhi

Values are the foundation of every human being. They are the basis for our beliefs, decisions, and actions. We define our values by what we choose to avoid or put in our lives. Every time we decide, we’re choosing the values that will guide us how we lead our lives. We may not notice it, but somewhere in there is a value that’s guiding what we do and — most importantly — why we do it.

Values come up in all aspects of our lives: work, relationships, even things like what to cook for dinner. But they’re most important when it comes to making decisions about our careers and businesses.

The only way to live a life that is in alignment with your values is to figure out what they are, set them as your priorities and then take steps in your life that move you in the direction of these values. But many times, life’s priorities give us confusing signals . But there is a technique to find it. Once you know what to do, just see yourself doing that and imagine what you do would make the person whom you are serving happy and satisfied, then decide on the verb which defines it. That verb will show you your values.

The Value & Verbs

Suppose you are a digital marketer, and you want your customer to see pleased by your work, you will need to find the verb that shows this. You could say “I write great blog posts that generate traffic.” The key word here is writing of blog posts that fill the need of your client. Similarly, you are a trainer and giving online lessons on creating new content — you can picture yourself giving very effective and giving useful lessons on videos to your students. Here the keyword is excellent teaching videos. But the core value is making and showing excellent, useful and effective videos for your customers on the topic you decided.

Then come the goals. It is essential that we plan out and set the right goals as per our values and priorities. We make a study of the long term, short term and long-term goals. We need to strategize and plan this meticulously to get the desired results, this entire process is discussed in my book Find Your Passion to Build a Successful Career to get the book click here. Goal setting and planning is discussed fully in my book.

Pic by Rowan Freeman

For some life is about chasing the dream which others are chasing, for some others to just earn money, for many it is grow faster than others, for few others it is to satisfy their parent’s dreams. But the luckiest I say are those who toil for their core passion, they will be the happiest and most contended, the rest are just living for others. So for once, take your leg off the accelerator, stop for a while, think and change your gears to move towards your key emotion( your purpose.)This is one thing which could give you happiness, contentment, a real reason to live and die and also to earn money. If this happens money will just be a by product.

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